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J. Mark Griffith is a fine art and commercial photographer based in Seattle, Washington.  His work displays a wide range of interests from nearly 30 years of making photographs.


There are six portfolios of work to browse through.  They range from traditional landscapes to the more abstract aerial photographs.  Having made a living as an aerial and architectural photographer for 27 years has influenced Mark's personal work.  This interest in architectural design shows up in the images of old military installations, bridges, buildings, and New Orleans cemeteries.


If you have any questions about the work please contact Mark at mark@jmarkgriffith.com.



Mark Griffith spent his early years in the small town of Sulphur, Louisiana.  He started taking photographs at age eight with a toy camera and was given a 35 mm camera at age thirteen.  The camera was broken but his father said if you can fix it you can have it.  He fixed it.


After a visit to Seattle in 1979, he moved there in 1980.  He setup his first darkroom in the bedroom of his apartment in 1982 and in 1985 took a photography workshop in California to improve his black and white photography skills.  The workshop opened his eyes to much more than he had ever expected making him realize he could do the kind of photography he loved and make a living in photography.  In 1986 he quit his job as manager of an auto parts store in Seattle and took a job as manager of one of Seattle's two professional camera stores and continued to pursue his own personal work.  In 1991 he quit the camera store to take a job as an assistant to a Seattle aerial and architectural photographer and a year later started his own commercial photography business specializing in aerial and architectural photography.  Griffith had started teaching photography workshops in 1989 and continued doing so for the next 20 years.  He now balances his time between his commercial photography business and making photographs that express his view of his world.

Coastal Defense


From Above




“Coastal Defense” is a collection of photographs of old military installations from various points in history.  I have worked on this body of images for many years.  It started as an invite by a friend to go out to a Washington state park to these old concrete bunkers.  I became very fascinated with the structures and the photographic challenges they posed.  I find myself still drawn to these bases of history.


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I have been photographing around the Seattle area on early Sunday mornings for many years.  After a while, I realized I had a box full of images that I had taken under many of the bridges.  “Crossings” is now a portfolio of photographs taken in, around, and under many different avenues of transportation.


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The aerial perspective is commonplace from the window of an airliner but very personal when seen and felt from the open door of a helicopter.  When you look down and view the land it almost seems to surround you.  Water appears solid, clouds touch your face and it is surprisingly quiet.  Water and soil always get my attention from the air. It is not just the patterns that appear but the activity that is on display.  The wind, the tides, the power, and the calm are all elements that present themselves differently in this aerial perspective.  “From Above” is a portfolio of color and black & white aerial photographs of movements and patterns found in the most unusual places and anything else that catches my attention "From Above".


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Whether the camera is pointed down at a small rock or up at a bold cloud, the word landscape is a term that is big enough to incorporate many different definitions.  My portfolio “Landscape” is my oldest collection of work.  It spans many years and many places and is something I will work on and continue to build for as long as I call myself a photographer.


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As a kid, on one of my family’s visits to New Orleans, I remember walking through the above ground cemeteries and thinking, “Can we leave?”  As an adult, the same cemeteries have become one of my favorite photographic subjects.  “Remembrance” is a collection of photographs of these small but striking structures.


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“Urban” is a portfolio of architectural images taken in a number of different cities around the country.  From buildings and breweries to museums and churches, some photos were shot while on commercial jobs and others were taken just out walking around the city.


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